Portrait by Birgit Buchart

John Blazzi (b. 1990) is a photographer currently living and working in Brooklyn, New York.


Bushwick Community Darkroom "SHIM/Photography" Group Show. (2022)

Deskarga Groupo "Mediya" Group Show. (2022)

Find Rangers Camera Club, Issue 25. (2021)

BKC & Seeing Collective "Relief Markt" Group Show. (2020)

Deskarga Groupo "Between Us and Then" Group Show. (2020)

BKC & Seeing Collective, Print Sale.

Lomography Magazine. (2020)

Themselves Press, "Social Distancing for Romantics" (By Chelsea Hirons). (2020)

Find Rangers Camera Club, Issue 21. (2019)

Find Rangers Camera Club, Issue 19. (2019) 

Lomography "Celebrate Metropolis" Group Show. (2019)



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